Halfway through CIP 2024! What’s Changed?

Marlee Wallace

So crazy that we’re six weeks into the Concerts in the Park season! This free music festival has evolved in so many ways over the years, but this year in particular we really wanted to show off its music festival aspects.

We incorporated “worlds” and “lands” with the partnership of local event producers and vendors, such as, Worlds Worst World and Silent Disco Zone. We prioritized having a Glam Stand where you can get your hair tinseled and face painted. And now all the food vendors are all in one place, Foodie Land, increasing our festival footprint onto 9th Street.

The changes we made this year have made Concerts in the Park feel like a real music festival where you and your friends can have fun, listen to music, eat, drink, and shop. With these changes, more and more people are showing up ready to do just that! So every week since week one, we’ve made small improvements to make the experience more enjoyable.

More Bathrooms

We’re adding five additional bathrooms on 10th and I Streets to accommodate our attendees. This is huge! This is a free event where we don’t make as much money as you’d think — and bathrooms are expensive. This is an expense we couldn’t justify without enough demand, and after timing bathroom lines week over week, we know this will be a welcomed improvement and worth-it expense.

New ADA Ramp

Week after week for years, you could find people with mobility aids at CIP. Whether they be manual wheel chairs, powered wheels chairs, canes, or crutches — everyone loves music, food, and fun. It was kindly brought to our attention, some of our new improvements needed to be made more inclusive for those folks with mobility needs. We’ve purchased a new ramp to make Foodie Land accessible from the 9th & J Street side along with the sidewalk ramp on 9th & I Street side.

Creative Campus

Live art is back thanks to contribution from Behr! We heard your cries for art and they have been answered. Every other week starting June 7th, Aliyah Sidqe will be leading a community art project she designed. Concert-goers will be able to help complete a paint-by-numbers style art piece.

SABA Bike Valet Expansion

May is Bike Month and people proved how much Sacramento loves free and accessible transportation. Our bike valet space is can now fit 100 more bikes than before. So ride your bike to CIP and valet it for free!

Our goal is having a fun and free live music festival in downtown Sacramento for all people to enjoy. We hope your voice feels seen and heard in these improvements and you come experience them for yourself!