Giving Thanks to #DowntownSac

Katie Almazan

Stop. Drop. And pass the rolls! Thanksgiving is almost upon us and while we are practically salivating at the mere thought of turkey, stuffing, and all the classic fixin’s on the table, our staff took some time to reflect on everything we are grateful for here in #DowntownSac. Feast your eyes!

Danielle Koire – Digital Communications Specialist: I am thankful for being surrounded by inspiring creatives who push me to think bigger and better for how we can continue making downtown Sacramento the place to be.

Jordyn Anderson – Public Relations Specialist: I’m thankful for being a part of the team that is reminding Sacramento how awesome downtown is. There’s so much to do and see and I love encouraging people to get down here and check it all out!

Emilie Cameron – Public Affairs & Communications Director: I’m thankful for the opportunity to be on the ground floor of the effort to make Sacramento better. Working at Downtown Partnership has enabled me to roll up my sleeves and work with some of the most passionate and determined people in town to establish the creative place making and entrepreneurial efforts that will make downtown a better place for decades to come.

Carly Quellman – Marketing Intern: I am thankful to have so many local businesses within walking distance that allow me enjoy the outdoors while cutting down my carbon footprint.

Olivia Cano – Events Assistant:  I am thankful to be working in a community that is so passionate about coming together and building downtown Sacramento into the next big destination spot. Also, thankful to have so many great places within walking distance for lunch!

Isiah Shingu – Research Analyst: I am thankful for every individual who adds to the positivity and synergy in downtown Sacramento to create a place where people can spread innovative ideas and make downtown the perfect setting to work, live and play.

Dion Dwyer – Public Space Services Director:  I’m thankful for the Downtown Police Bike Unit that is always out and about, always willing to help. The Downtown Guides for being around to assist with everything from forgetting where you parked your car or the best restaurants in the area. I am also thankful for the small business owners that make downtown unique and different than other areas of the region.

Mary Espiritu – Public Space Services Support Specialist: I am thankful for the Downtown Guides and Sac PD officers. Their visible presence downtown makes me feel safer when I need to be out and about downtown when I am alone or with my kids. I am also thankful for the tremendous selection of restaurants downtown. We are never lacking for ideas on where to go grab a tasty bite when we’re visiting downtown from the suburbs!

Nicole Grialou – Marketing Manager:  I’m thankful for the plethora of options that are walking distance in downtown from restaurants, coffee shops and bars to retail, movies and events – #DowntownSac has you covered for every mood. I’m thankful for gorgeous sunsets overlooking the waterfront from Old Sacramento

Dana Borre – Administrative Assistant: I’m thankful for being a part of the excitement downtown with all our events. I’m thankful to be a witness to positive change downtown with new businesses coming and the incredible improvement to buildings, like the 700 block of K St.