Get into a Daily Quarantine Routine!

Frankie Wenson

It has been over a month since we’ve been in quarantine and if you are like us you are looking for some sort of routine to keep you balanced and make sure you don’t end up spending the whole day on your phone! Lucky for you, we have your #DowntownSac approved routines for you to #StaySafe while still staying productive during your shelter in place.

Photo Credit: Temple Coffee Roasters

Morning Routine

If you are working from home or are trying to get more done during the day but don’t know how to start, we recommend waking up at the same time everyday during the week to establish productive habits to get your day going!

7:00 am: Wake up!

7:15 am: Get your blood pumping with a nice fresh cup of coffee or tea from one of these local #DowntownSac businesses that are open for take-out and curbside pickup!

8:00 am: Start getting yourself ready for the day by listening to the ultimate #CIPSAC playlist! We came up with individual playlists to divide your favorite artists who have played over the years into categories to go with your mood.

10:00 am: Get your body moving! If you are missing going to your local gym or yoga class, why not still participate online? These businesses are ready to get you pumped up for the day with their virtual classes and make sure to listen to your #CIPSAC workout playlist while you get your body moving!

12:00 pm: If your quarantine food at home just isn’t hitting the spot order take-out and #SupportLocal at the same time by getting your lunch from one of these businesses.

3:00 pm: If you are looking for a midday pick me up try to do something to clear your head and give you that extra momentum to keep the rest of the day going. Maybe it’s writing in your journal, reading that book you have always wanted to start but could never find time or even color! We recently released a unique new collection of coloring pages featuring a few of our favorite downtown places. Sit down, let your mind wonder and listen to this chill vibes playlist featuring past #CIPSAC artists while you read, color or journal!

Evening Routine

The day is almost over and it’s time to dine and unwind from the day whether you spent the day working from home or just keeping yourself busy indoors the most important thing to do is to put yourself in a relaxing headspace.

5:00 pm: You made it though the workday and now it’s time to dance it out! If you need to get your blood pumping in the middle of the day and get your endorphins going listen to our #CIPSAC dance party playlist for a little mood booster.

6:00 pm: Did someone say dinner? If you already supported local earlier for lunch maybe you want to make something at home for your meal. These local #DowntownSac businesses have all the essentials a home chef needs if you are cooking from home! Or if you are looking to splurge and get take-out make sure to look at our ultimate food guide.

Photo Credit: Bailarín Cellars

7:00 pm: If you are missing going out and getting a drink with friends then why not do it via Zoom or Facetime? Pick up your favorite beverage from one of these local establishments and have the happiest of hours with your favorite people!

8:00 pm: After a relaxing happy hour online with friends it’s time to unwind one step further and sit on the couch for a little retail therapy! Just because you can’t go into stores physically doesn’t mean you can’t support your favorite retailers from your own home.

9:00 pm: Now it’s time to get cozy and get into bed feeling satisfied that you stuck to your daily routine and got stuff done! If you need some relaxing music to listen to while you get ready for bed, make sure to tune into our #CIPSAC relax playlist.

No matter what routine you stick to or even if routines aren’t your thing we hope we gave you some ideas of how you can #SupportLocal, #StaySafe and keep yourself busy during this time.