Fresh sangria at Ten22

Scott Ford

One of the most enjoyable summertime traditions in Sacramento is to spend a warm evening by the river feeling the cool Delta Breeze while enjoying a refreshing beverage. Now that June is upon us and the afternoon temperatures are flirting with the century mark, we thought it fitting to recommend a Farm-to-Sip cocktail from one of our favorite, locally-sourced restaurants in the historic heart of the city.

Ten22 in Old Sacramento features red or white Sangria made with local wine, peach liquor, peach nectar, California orange juice, and garnished with seasonal fresh fruit from our Downtown Certified Farmers’ Markets. Any reputable mixologist will testify that delicious cocktails are built with quality ingredients, and Ten22’s Sangria delivers a well-balanced drink that pairs well with a light appetizer or a three-course meal.


Ten22 – Photo courtesy of Sara Maren Photographers

Old Sacramento Sangria featuring Downtown Certified Farmers’ Market ingredients:
2 counts of local red or white wine
1 count of peach liquor
½ count of fresh peach liquor
1 count of California orange juice
½ count of muddled fresh seasonal fruit and berries from the farmers’ market

Photo courtesy of Shea GM

Photo courtesy of @sheasgm

Combine and let the ingredients chill and marinade overnight, or shake with ice, pour into a wine glass and serve cold on the spot. Don’t forget to garnish with a twist or a slice of your favorite farmers’ market fruit because a well-presented cocktail always tastes better!

Want to try it out yourself? Shop at Downtown Certified Farmers’ Markets and experiment with the recipe utilizing seasonal local ingredients, then visit Ten22 to see how your sangria stacks up against the pro’s.