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Eclectic summer festival hair

Guest Contributor | Jake Desrochers, Bumble and Bumble

20160617_195824The festival season is upon us. Looking your best while listening to the sounds of now is here. While musicians create songs to share with the masses, the listeners create personal style to help define their place in the crowd. Being yourself is in. Expression of personal style is trending hard and a great place to start is right on top of your head.

The hairstyles of the festival music scene are best described as “Eclectic Summer.” What I’m seeing is a brilliant display of confidence and color. Whether it’s pastel shades or lived-in locks, the style permeating out of the crowds is uniquely individual. 

20160617_200755I’ve been a stylist for 12 years and have always had a keen observance of hair styles and how they help define individuality. What I’ve noticed is that people are not afraid to be who they are with their hair. It’s brighter, longer, less contrived and looser in its finish.

There is a difference between “hot mess” and “messy.” There is a difference between “dirty” and “grungy.” I really like how people are embracing their own natural texture and using bright colors to help express themselves with their hair.

Photo courtesy of @Time.Trap.Photography

Photo courtesy of @Time.Trap.Photography

Musicians use hair like a trademark. You can almost guess what type of music they play by their hair. Music is exploding with creativity as is hair.

20160617_200054Looking like a rock star isn’t just for the bands anymore. The crowds have created a bridge between the stage by adopting the wilderness style, and other louder styles and colors for their hair. Concert goers can “rock out” their own personal style using public events, like music festivals, as their own stage. It’s always been cool to be cool. Now it’s cool to look cool.

Whether your banging on the drums or rocking some bangs, this season, it’s all about you. Embrace the opportunity to show off your hair at Concerts in the Park on Friday nights, the stage is yours.