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Farmer’s Market Haul and Meal Ideas

Marlee Wallace

I went to the market on Wednesday and picked up a few in-season ingredients that I’m excited to cook with this week! We have two markets you can attend to pick up some goodies and Pinterest is a great place to find recipes and meal inspiration. We post the food, farm, and retail vendors every Wednesday on our Instagram.

Capitol Mall Certified Farmer’s Market
Wednesdays | 9AM–1PM

At this market you can:

  • Find fresh, local produce, fruit, and nuts
  • Grab lunch
  • Pick up baked bread and treats
  • Try the delicious drink offerings
  • EBT and WIC accepted

Bodega Days Farmer’s Market at Cesar Chavez Plaza
Thursdays | 10AM–1PM

At this market you can:

  • Find fresh, local fruit
  • Grab lunch
  • Pick up baked goods
  • Listen to live music every other week
  • Shop local retailers
  • WIC and FMNP accepted


I picked up some golden cherries to snack on but I’m also curious about making syrups for cocktails and adding them in salads!


I am never without onions in my house, whether I’m including them in salads, on sandwiches, or pickling them. There almost isn’t a single meal I make without onions.


My grandpa is a tomato farmer and I almost exclusively get tomatoes from him, but his aren’t ready yet, so I had to outsource. I eat tomatoes like apples, but I’m looking forward to making caprese and a peach and tomato salad with these!

Rainbow Swiss Chard

I’ve never used Swiss chard before, but it was too pretty not to try. I went to Pinterest to find a recipe and found this one. I think it’ll be good!


Can’t make my salads without a base! I also picked up some dandelion greens (not pictured, but very cool looking) that I’ll combine with this lettuce and the Swiss chard to make a delicious mixed green salad.

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