Farm-to-fresh Farmers’ Market Feature – Dad’s on J

Jordyn Anderson

We’ve got the scoop on a great foodie secret – you can get the freshest of the fresh produce, sourced from your Downtown Farmers’ Market, at one of our favorite lunch spots – Dad’s on J.

Photo courtesy of Debbie C.

Photo courtesy of Debbie C.

This week, we paid a visit to the sandwich maestros at Dad’s on J Street and dug in to their fan-favorites, the Blue Collar Dream, and veggie-lover’s delight, the Green Machine. The place was packed – plan accordingly, it’s a popular spot ­­– but the food came fast and we ate it even faster.

Pair killer service with fresh, locally sourced food and you’ve got one awesome farm-to-fork foodie experience.

Keep up the great work, Dad’s. We can’t get enough!

Multiple downtown hotspots pick up fresh ingredients at local farmers’ markets, daily and weekly, so if you can’t make it, they’ve got you covered!

Stay tuned for more features on local eateries that shop regularly at Downtown Certified Famers’ Markets.