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Downtown is Alive With the Sound of Music

Jordyn Anderson
Photo courtesy of California Musical Theatre

Photo courtesy of California Musical Theatre

Have you noticed anyone humming their favorite melody from The Sound of Music? We have! And, we know why.

This week Downtown Sac is alive with the sound of music from the brand-new production of The Sound of Music playing at the Community Center Theatre through November 6.

We were lucky to snag tickets for opening night and it was fantastic! Between the audience quietly singing along to every song and the spectacular chemistry on stage, the theater was abuzz with delight.

The production was cast perfectly from little Gretl to Mother Abbess (Melody Betts) and the stage was brought to life by the sweeping Austrian mountain range backdrop and the ceiling-high pillars of the abbey.

You do not want to miss this show.

Tickets are on sale now but you have less than a week to make it! Purchase your tickets here.

Thank you, California Musical Theatre for bringing such delightful productions to downtown Sacramento!