Downtown Biz Spotlight: The Blue Ox

Frankie Wenson

Our boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do all the way to The Blue Ox! If you have been looking for a retail store that focuses on the quality of their pieces anywhere from rural to urban lifestyle then this is the place for you. The Blue Ox has everything for the working individual whether you are working before the sun comes up on a farm, outdoors or indoors and in any kind of weather. Maybe you just want to look good while living life in some of the top brands on the market such as Levi’s, Dickies, Carhartt, Danner and countless others. Owner, Ibrahim Abukhdair knows first-hand how hard it can be to find good quality workwear from growing up on a farm in Newcastle training horses where that kind of clothing is necessary in everyday life. He also has roots in Sacramento, coming to work with this father who owned a business downtown since 1979.
Since being named America’s farm-to-fork capital, Sacramento has had an increased demand in quality workwear that doesn’t just have to be limited to being worn during work hours but is also made to show off your style during your everyday life. Abukhdair would get asked by locals where he got his clothing when he was dressed in his classic blue-collar attire in a primarily white-collar area and that is where the idea for The Blue Ox was born.

It’s a one stop shop for you to get everything you need to enhance your wardrobe without having to go to a million different stores to get your western wear, work attire and outer wear or brands that will stand the test of time. Don’t just think that this is just a store for the working man, women can shop at The Blue Ox too! If you are looking for stylish jackets to go along with the rainy weather with the perfect boots to match, they have all the options you need to complete your original look.

Outside of the retailer you can see how important the meaning of the name is with a giant mural of a blue ox displayed that was created enterally in spray-paint by Sacramento artist John Horton (@hightech_lowlife) as well as a mural on the inside created by local designer Emilee Rudd (@emileerudd) that reads “Go forth with ambition.” The Blue Ox name was partly inspired by the American folklore legend Paul Bunyan who is known as a giant lumberjack that wears workwear similar to what you can find at the retailer who is mainly accompanied by his Blue Ox named Babe. Another reasoning behind the name comes  from the color “blue” representing the blue-collar attire that they sell and the “ox” being a working cow tying everything back to the root of the store being the quality of the clothes that you put on your back for the ambitious working, living, and active people who will be wearing it.


The Blue Ox

923 K Street