Downtown Biz Spotlight: MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza

Frankie Wenson

Do you want a pizza #DowntownSac!?

If you are looking for a restaurant that serves pizza that can’t be topped, look no further than MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza that is now open on K Street located in The Hardin. Whether you need a bite to eat before going to a Kings game, a quick lunch before heading back to the office or are already planning where you are going to eat with your family and friends after taking a spin on the ice when the Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink (opens on November 1st), MidiCi will satisfy all of your cravings with their quality food that won’t break the bank. Make sure to stop in on September 5th to celebrate one of the cheesiest holidays of the year…National Cheese Pizza Day and MidiCi is offering $10 Margherita pizzas all day!

When you walk into MidiCi you will get greeted with a “Ciao!” from the staff and feel like you have been transported to a restaurant right out of Naples, Italy. From the simplicity of the walls, to the splashes of green throughout and the company’s key staples such as their ovens and trees straight from Italy, the company prides themselves in staying true to their roots. Their goal is to bring friends and families together by helping them create memories around the table while eating good authentic food. They add a lot of passion into their preparations. The dough only has 4 simple ingredients and no preservatives so there is nothing that will keep it alive in your fridge for a couple of days like most pizzas. The Neapolitan pizza is made to be enjoyed fresh out of the oven so you don’t compromise any of the fresh ingredients or Italian flavors.

“There’s something about our ingredients, we don’t cut any corners. We have a little tiny freezer so it forces us to order fresh and that was done on purpose. We want to make sure we have a fresh product, we’re prepping daily and if we don’t use it we lose it. It’s something that we don’t want to compromise. We don’t want to get frozen tomato’s, or frozen meatballs, or frozen fruit everything we have comes in fresh,” says Philip Hernandez, Director of Operations/Business Partner.  

Everything on their menu is sharable, and the staff is there to help you order the right amount of food for your parties big and small so you can enjoy everything fresh without needing to take home a bunch of leftovers. When looking at the menu, start with their small and shared plates, we recommend their irresistible house made meatballs served with fresh mozzarella, Italian marinara sauce, parmesan and basil which is also one of their longest executed items on their menu or one of their mouthwatering salads, they are light and exotic and are a must try for first timers.

Let’s get into the main attraction…the pizza! Each pizza is 12 inches and contain 6 slices which is perfect to share with a small party. You can never go wrong with their house stable, the classic Margherita made with Italian tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, basil, and extra virgin olive oil. If you are looking for something on the spicy side they have got you covered with their Devil’s pizza has spicy Italian salami and red chilies, make sure you dip it in their chili oil for an extra kick! They don’t just serve appetizers and pizzas though, they also offer wood-fire calzones and are planning to expand their menu by adding pasta dishes in the future. Let’s face it, no restaurant experience is complete without dessert! If you are a chocolate lover you have to try their Nutella calzone made with homemade dough, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and of course Nutella inside and drizzled on top with a little dust of powdered sugar to top it off.

There is one thing that you won’t find at MidiCi, ranch. Instead, they offer organic honey for you to dip your crust in that will be an amazing flavor for your taste buds! They have also kicked it up a notch with their chili oil. It is their own twist on classic chili flakes, but they boil the flakes overnight and add garlic and oil to set them apart for your traditional dipping sauces that you can get at most pizza parlors.

When you come to MidiCi you know from the moment you walk in you will be welcomed and will feel like you are right at home. They want you to feel comfortable whether you show up to eat in your gym clothes, flip flops and shorts, in your heels and sparkly dresses for girl’s night or any event you are going to. They welcome all who walk through their doors and want you to have a memorable dining experience filled with fun, laughter and friends!

Make sure to stop by during the week for happy hour and other deals!

Social Hour

Monday-Friday from 3pm to 6pm

  • $2 off all specialty cocktails
  • $2 off all craft beers
  • $2 off all wines by the glass
  • $5 for all MidiCi call (well drinks)
  • $4 Garlic Cheese Bread
  • $4 Bruschetta
  • $6 House made meatballs

Margherita Mondays – All day Mondays

  • 1 Margherita pizza
  • 1 Devil’s Margarita cocktail
  • Price: $20

Wine Not Wednesdays – All day Wednesdays

  • 1 bottle of pre-selected wine and cheeseboard
  • Price: $25


MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza

728 K Street

(916) 431- 7341