Downtown Biz Spotlight: Evangeline’s Costume Mansion

Frankie Wenson

Pretending is their reality!

Just in time for Halloween, if you haven’t stepped foot into Evangeline’s Costume Mansion at the Old Sacramento Waterfront then you are missing out on year-round imagination. Since 1974 the whimsical 3-floor store has resided in two historical buildings dating back to the 19th century called the Lady Adams Building and Howard House. Evangeline’s Costume Mansion is more than just a regular costume shop, they are three floors filled top to bottom with an extensive supply of themed apparel and novelty gifts for you to channel all of your different personalities whenever you feel like it. This labyrinth of goods has themed rooms to make it convenient to find exactly what you’re looking for whether it’s medieval, western, SciFi and so much more!

There’s nothing you can’t find at Evangeline’s Costume Mansion. Come, stay a while and let your imaginations get away from you all year long…they are DYING to see you!

Check out some of our picks for costumes this year and the TikToks to match:


Evangeline’s Costume Mansion
113 K Street
(916) 448-2594