Downtown Biz Spotlight: Capital Agenda

Frankie Wenson

A new fashion forward menswear boutique has just opened in DOCO! Their main goal is to outfit the city by offering items that you can’t get anywhere else. The name itself represents Sacramento being the “capital” of California with their “agenda” being to suit the city in all of our styling needs. Capital Agenda has everything you need to show off your unique style that is comfortable and fashionable with their lifestyle clothing, hats and shoes. They also offer sports attire as well for you to rep your favorite team with throwback jerseys displayed underneath a memorabilia wall that showcases some of the greatest players from every generation that customers of all ages will be able to relate to. Co-owner Trent Sharp is no stranger to the retail world, he has worked in the field since he was sixteen years old and says that the difference about shopping in his store is that you are not only going to get one of a kind pieces you won’t be able to get anywhere else in Sacramento, but you will get an all-around customer experience every time you walk in. They are there to help and want to know what you are looking for and how they can help point you in the right direction to clothing that will perfectly showcase your own individual style. “We’re a small company, our whole concept is to cater to you. We want to talk to the customers and figure out the vibe of what they are looking to get so we can better suit them for the future,” Sharp says. Once you see something you like, make sure you pick it up! To keep everyone looking unique they only sell a limited amount of each product especially the memorabilia tees in order to not mass produce and keep everyone in the area looking individual. They also sell exclusive pieces that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the area being the only independent store that offers New Balance lifestyle wear and apparel, Asics and 10 Deep clothing.

What makes Capital Agenda different than any other retailer you have been to recently is that they offer a full-service barber in the store so while you are waiting in line to purchase your items you have the option to get a haircut under the same roof to save you time and relax while you are out shopping. Aroc is the barber specialist who has been styling for fifteen years, and does everything from haircuts, styles, designs and shaves. They accept anything from appointments to walk-ins, you can even reach out via Instagram to get your perfect shave. In the future they are looking to add styling products for men such as beard oil, pomade, gels and even a cologne bar! They are also looking to host seer classes for local barbers and free shaving classes for men to help educate them on top grooming techniques. Make sure you come in for a summer cut because they will be adding free beer or champagne with a service at the barbershop.

With a lot of new products launching in the coming months, Sharp isn’t just stopping there. He is also looking to expand the brand to other cities such as San Francisco and Seattle. The idea of the brand is to represent each individual city that they are in and Sacramento was the perfect area for the Capital Agenda brand to have its start.

“This is one of the first cities that we thought [of]. Sac is up and coming all the way around and it’s starting to be where people are coming from other cities and living here and we felt like it was the right time to come to Sacramento with this concept,” said Sharp.

Next time you are in #DowntownSac make sure you stop by Capital Agenda and treat yourself to a new outfit and haircut because when you look good, you feel good!


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