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Downtown Biz Spotlight: All City Riders

Frankie Wenson

If you are looking to get your fitness on in #DowntownSac look no further! All City Riders is the newest cycling studio on the 700 block and they are ready for you to ride.

When you walk through their doors you immediately get the New York subway feel with the pipe handle rails and concrete walls covered in a brightly lit LED configuration of the light rail and downtown grid right as you walk in.

When you enter the studio, you can feel a sudden burst of energy when you hear the music playing through the speakers above to get you pumped up for your ride. Their motto is “powered by the people” and the classes are designed for everyone from beginners to advanced cyclists with 45-minute classes that have the instructors facing the screen and biking with you as opposed to the normal set up of having the instructor directly in front of the class in order to give you a more inclusive ride. If you are a working downtown individual, they offer morning rides to get your day started from 6:15am-7am.

If you aren’t a morning person that’s ok because they also have lunchtime classes that start right at 12:15 p.m., which gives you enough time to walk from the office to the studio for a quick 30-minute workout and then back to the office by 1 p.m.! Need something to do on a Friday night? ACR offers “pre-party” classes from 5:30 pm – 6:15 pm where you can get pumped for your night out on the town with music videos playing on the big screen throughout your whole workout. The best part is you get to ride your way onto the guest list of 4-5 of the most popular clubs downtown just by taking the class!

You are also given the opportunity to customize your own class with friends and family for any event. Having a bridal party? You can customize a ride with all of your bridesmaids and ride to your own music playlist while watching a slideshow of your own photos that they can display on the big screen while you ride! ACR has the capability to give people a different workout experience that they can’t get anywhere else.

One of the most unique aspects of the studio is the collaborative experience they offer riders during classes. You get to ride on one of their state-of-the-art Schwinn AC Performance plus carbon blue indoor cycling bikes while you are immersed in a virtual reality workout experience that makes you feel like you are having a real outdoor cycling experience. You get to see your virtual avatar displayed on the screen that can go through rides all over the world.

Owner Bryan Washington is no stranger to the fitness lifestyle, he also owns The Academy Training and Performance Center on F Street. Washington got the inspiration of opening a cycling studio from his father who cycled across the country alongside Lance Armstrong.

“My dad road with Lance Armstrong and there’s a look on his face in this picture that is the whole reason why I wanted to open this place. My dad was super hardcore…this smile on his face standing next to Lance Armstrong it’s awesome, it’s one of the best things ever” Washington said.

All City Riders is having their grand opening event this Saturday, March 16th from 1pm – 5pm. So, come out and experience the ride for yourself! The full class list is available through the All City Riders app that makes it easy to pick your class time and pay for your ride straight from your phone! They also offer promo codes to impute at checkout for additional savings.


Class Pricing

Single Ride: $22

5 Rides: $95

10 Rides: $189

20 Rides: $340

Monthly Unlimited: $200


Promo Codes

Single Ride for $15: ACR

$15 off 5 Rides: 15OFF5

Monthly Unlimited for $150: ACR150


All City Riders

708 K Street

(916) 469-9868