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Dad to the Bone: Happy Father’s Day!

Frankie Wenson

You know him, you love him and he is always there to pick you up when you fall…or just make a dad joke about it, he’s your dad! Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 21, 2020 and if you are feeling stumped on what gifts to give or places to go to celebrate the man himself, keep reading to check out the full list of ideas of how you can give your dad the best day ever in #DowntownSac!

For the Dad that has a Sweet Tooth

If your dad is the kind of person who always has to have treats in the house and loves to indulge in all things sweet, then make sure to take him to one of the sweetest shops in downtown! You can even order from some of them online and get your dad all of his favorites as a nice little gift to celebrate the day. He might even share some of his treats with you!

For the Dad that Loves Gifts from the Heart

If your dad is someone who never spends money on himself then spoil him for his special day and get him a gift from any of these retailers! Each business has a wide variety of clothes, knick-knacks and even cigars for the dad that always keeps on giving but never gives for himself!

For the Dad that Loves to Pamper Himself

Is your dad the kind of person who loves to pamper himself? Whether it’s buying himself new clothes, trying out new the newest fitness trend or making sure he keeps up on his trips to the barbershop these businesses have everything he needs for some TLC! Get him a gift card to All City Riders or Basecamp Climb Studio, a bottle of wine from Bailarín Cellars and so much more.

For the Dad who loves to be Wined and Dined

If your dad is the kind of person that loves to be wined and dined at a restaurant where he knows he won’t be the one doing the dishes afterwards then you have to take him to one of these restaurants that are open for dine-in seating!

For the Dad Who Loves to be the Chef

Is your dad someone who is always in the kitchen coming up with new recipes for your family and friends to try? If so, then you need to get him the gift that he can use every day in the kitchen from one of these local businesses that sell everything from spices, olive oil and cookbooks to help dad be the chef he has always wanted to be!

Pre-Father’s Day Activities at the Sacramento History Museum

This weekend is the perfect opportunity for you to get outside and get some fresh air with your family! If you are planning to take a stroll down to the waterfront, make sure to stop by the Sacramento History Museum where they will have gold panning available outside the museum from 10 am – 4 pm. This experience will only be on Saturday, June 20, 2020 so make sure to plan accordingly!

*Please remember to maintain social distance and wear the proper PPE to keep yourself, servers, and everyone safe.

With so many options for food, gifts and places to choose from don’t stop with these picks. Make your way through the list of #DowntownSac businesses here.

We hope all the dads out there have a very Happy Father’s Day from all of us at #DowntownSac!