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Concerts in the Park 2023

Jordan Alwood

Did you see the Concerts in the Park 2023 lineup? If not, here it is!

WOW. I know– it’s so good. This lineup is unlike any other. This is the 30th year of Concerts in the Park and is also showcasing over 60 talented local bands and nationally touring artists.

This year is also very special because we are partnering with the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. For the very first concert on Cinco de Mayo, there will be local Hispanic vendors, Latin cuisine, and Latin Grammy-nominated artist Kat Dahlia performing.

Concerts in the Park is every Friday night from 5 PM – 8 PM starting May 5th to July 28th (except July 7th). This concert series is completely free and perfect for all ages.

After each concert, there is also an awesome after-party that includes drink specials for only CIP attendees. Just show your Budlight wristband and BAM– you’re already saving money.

See all the after-party locations HERE.

Check out the weekly lineups below and RSVP on our Facebook.

Week 1: Kat Dahlia // Sol Peligro / LabRats / Eddie Z

Week 2: Matt Maeson // Nat Lefkoff / Jaclyn Lovey / JosephONE

Week 3: Cassie Vega // Zac Black / Kittie Lynne / Big Coach / My Cousin Vinney / Mike Diamond

Week 4: Rain City Drive // A Foreign Affair / NVTURES GHOST / Serialist / DJ Ness

Week 5: White Reaper // The Moss / Lewd Jaw / The Countermen / DJ Zephyr


Week 6: KALLITECHNIS // Beagod & Bedroomtrap / Tommie Phoenix/ Yoni / DJ Eddie

Week 7: Island of Black & White // burke. / Dogpatch / Seth Kaminsky / Aramii

Week 8: Wild Child // Boot Juice / Rainbow City Park / DJ Oasis

Week 9: Arden Park Roots // Jon Wiilde / Live Manikins/ virgogabrielle / DJ StaceLace

Week 10: Eric Bellinger// Chuuwee / Vonni / Nataya Rule / Hellagoodcompany

Week 11: Blue October // Voila / Cities You Wish You Were From / Demon Wrangler / DJ Lady Char

Week 12: The Brodys //Aquageist / Ambiverse / Chris Shelton

Read all the details HERE.

Cheers to an awesome summer– see you out there!