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CIP festival wear done on a thrifty budget

Guest Contributor | Phoebe Verkouw, The Dress Fiend

With the popularity of music festivals rising, ‘festival wear’ has become increasingly trendy. So much so that the fashion has become just as important as the music. It’s more about ‘who are you wearing?’ instead of ‘who’s playing?’ Fashion is just as much a form of creative expression as music so I say, “Why the heck not rock out in your most stylish and unique festival attire?!”


Concerts in the Park has been a music staple in Sacramento for years and I can remember riding my old Schwinn bike down to Caesar Chavez Plaza 20 years ago sporting some of my best vintage finds from used clothing store, Crossroads Trading Company. Yes, my passion for the thrifted fashion spans more than 20 years!

Festival wear these days can run you an entire month’s rent if you splurge on pieces like the brands Free People, Urban Outfitters, Top Shop, and Nasty Gal. Don’t fear, you can still be fashion forward and trendy by shopping at your local thrift stores. I learned many moons ago that you don’t have to spend a lot to look fabulous. The solution: THRIFT! Places like Crossroads Trading Company taught me how to be fashionable on a dime. The chase for the bargain is just as magical as the find itself.


Downtown Sacramento is swarming with fashionable and budget friendly thrift stores. Festival wear definitely takes a hit off of the original festival wear of the 1960s and 70s. You see a lot of flowy dresses, rompers, lace, flower crowns, and cut off shorts. Thrift stores provide you with the perfect platform to mix and match styles that you like. To me, Sacramento’s version of festival wear is a culmination of styles. That’s what I love about this city! Everyone is following their own creative, stylistic path. Concerts in the Park has had no shortage of incredible looks recently.

There are three thrift stores that I love in downtown Sacramento. Here are three of them:

  • YSJ Vintage (924 12th Street)IMG_2651
  • Goodwill Industries (1621 L Street)
  • SPCA Thrift (1517 E Street)

Each store has an incredible mix of contemporary and vintage pieces, making for rad festival looks. And the next time you are at CIP, make sure to stop by the YSJ booth. She always has a ton of vintage pieces for sale. I mean, isn’t this 70’s dress perfect to wear at CIP? Situated right behind YSJ in CIP is the My Love for Vintage mobile vintage truck. She is all around downtown and has quite the eclectic group of vintage ensembles. Her festival wear is off the charts amazing. The SPCA thrift store on 15th and E Street has great vintage finds, too. The outfit I’m wearing pictured with my gal from For the love of Vintage is from SPCA. Both the dress and scarf are from the 70s and my version of festival wear. (My whole look was less than $10!)


If you are wanting some more contemporary looks to wear at CIP look no further than Goodwill on 16th and L Street. Both of my friends’ looks were in total less than $50 and you can never go wrong with a floral romper and floppy hat for a festival wear look.IMG_2652

Whatever your aesthetic is, from contemporary to vintage, the downtown thrift stores have you covered. And instead of walking out spending your rent, you’ll walk out sometimes spending less than your latte.