Downtown Sac

Celebrate spring season with us!

Jordan Alwood

Welcome Spring season! Flowers are blooming in the central social district and #DowntownSac has the most gorgeous trees this time of year. We know some of you aren’t back from teleworking yet, so we’re taking you along with us as we enjoy a typical day downtown in the spring. Follow along with us, celebrate this new season, and grab a few new reasons to return downtown.

Start the day with the necessities

We need a warm cup of coffee to start the day off right. We’re stopping in at a coffee shop that is close to our hearts- literally, it’s right next door to our office–  Temple Coffee Roasters. If you’re looking for a cup of motivation to start your day, don’t shy away from taking a nice walk to this gem.

Photo Credits: Temple Coffee Roasters

Flowers, flowers, and MORE flowers

Photo Credit: G. Rossi Florist

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day to buy flowers! Let’s celebrate each other and ourselves and share some love with G. Rossi Florist. #DowntownSac has some of the best spots for acquiring your floral needs! Whether you’re buying for friends, family, a significant other, or treating yourself- we’ve got you covered. They’ve just released their Spring Collection- which has pastel Easter floral arrangements and is paired with festive decorative eggs, so make sure you check them out before the season is over! And if you aren’t into flowers, you can still celebrate spring with one of their unique succulent arrangements.

Head to The Capitol

Spring reminds us of Easter, which reminds us of chocolate eggs. If you’re anything like us, you’d be craving chocolate at this point. So after you smell the flowers, head over to Goodie Tuchews for some sweet-tasting cookies. We advise you to try the peanut butter chocolate chip, but if nuts aren’t your thing then grab any of their other delicious flavors. Now: take a cookie to go and enjoy it at The Capitol. Enjoy the sun through the trees, blooming flowers in the rose garden, and the soft grass beneath your feet while you enjoy this homemade cookie. It’s what we would do!

Hungry? Dinner is served

Cookies are a great snack, but it doesn’t make a meal (unless you try hard enough) and nothing beats dinner at Prelude Kitchen & Bar. With outdoor seating, warm lantern lights, and refreshing drinks, Prelude is the perfect place to celebrate, sit, and eat while you enjoy a glimpse of spring. Visit Prelude and enjoy the sunny weather with a crafted cocktail of your choice to celebrate this new season of your life. Smell the flowers, admire the view, and treat yourself.

When you hit your pillow tonight

We hope you think of how beautiful our city can be when we pay attention and admire the people who make it so special. From the hardworking owners of our small businesses to the tall trees that are planted on the streets, we hope you are proud to live in Sacramento- and enjoy every season, especially spring. Head to our #DowntownSac website for the latest and greatest upcoming springtime events.