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Calling All Dreamers: 2019 Winner Nash & Proper

Frankie Wenson

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

This year’s 2019 Calling All Dreamers competition winners are Cecil Rhodes II and Jake Bombard, the founder and co-owner of Nash & Proper. The business started in 2018 and has already become a well-known food truck in the Sacramento area that focuses on bringing proper hot chicken to the people that you can’t get anywhere else. As winners of the competition, Nash & Propper will be expanding to their first brick and mortar location in downtown Sacramento! To learn more about the people behind the chicken, continue reading below about Rhodes and Bombard’s journey through the Calling All Dreamers competition! ­­

What inspired you guys to start your own business?

The inspiration with starting my own business was from wanting to cook the food I wanted to cook. I have been cooking professionally for 15 years at the time and I could always have a special dish here and there but it is always up to the owner or GM what really goes on the menu. I was getting real frustrated so I decided to open up a Cecil’s Taste Food Truck in 2014.

Why was it important to have your business be located downtown?

It’s important to have Nash & Proper restaurant located downtown Sac because it’s the place to be! It’s grown so much and I feel that it the heart of the city. To have Nash & Proper’s first brick and mortar location downtown will be a huge event. I feel every one of our fans will be excited along with our family and friends.

 How did the competition help in bringing your business to life?

The competition helped me bridge our trucks to brick and mortar. Running a food truck is way different from running a restaurant. As soon as our mentor, Joe, told me to write down 2 columns that had the comparison from truck to restaurant it really opened my eyes to what I was in for. But the numbers show me that it’s will be a good look for us.

 Describe what people can expect when they walk into Nash & Proper?

People can expect a very lively atmosphere. With chicken being fried and presented to the customer by the person cooking for you. The chicken is delicious, the drinks will be flowing, the conversation will definitely be lively and the music will be hype. The decor will scream “Modern Chicken Coop Sheik.”

What advice can you give to someone who is thinking about entering the Calling All Dreamers competition next year?

The advice that I will give someone thinking about entering the CAD competition 2020 is not to come in the competition with a hobby. Live your concept. If you have a full-time job all the rest of the hours of the day should be your concept. Eat, sleep, repeat your concept every day.

As entrepreneurs, why is it important to dream?

It is important to dream as an entrepreneur because my idea started as a dream. I had a concept that was good but when I would go to events I would always wonder why other trucks line were longer than mine. I always thrive to be the best in every facet of business. So, I teamed up with Jake to do Nash & Proper because I knew with his social media skills and a fried chicken concept will be the next big thing. We never stopped dreaming about how big Nash & Proper can get. I still haven’t stopped dreaming. This is the first step in to achieving how big this Nash & Proper can really be. Sky’s the limit!

If the anticipation is too much for your taste buds to handle, make sure to follow Nash & Proper on Instagram and check their page every Monday so see if their food truck is coming to a place near you!