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Bright Ideas for Sacramento’s Public Spaces

Shea GuntherMaher

A community block party with eats, beats and local brew – BRIGHT IDEAS is pretty much a no-brainer. So, why is this shindig going down inside a tunnel? That, my friends, is the best part!

Tunnel Lighting 1

Thanks to the City of Sacramento Department of Public Works and Councilmember Steve Hansen, the K Street Tunnel connecting Downtown to Old Sacramento has been enhanced with new color LED lighting to improve functionality and create a sense of place with unique and colorful illumination. These are the BRIGHT IDEAS we celebrate – enhancements to public spaces that make our city a better place to live, work and play!

To foster more bright ideas for Sacramento’s public spaces, Thursday’s block party will introduce three interactive concepts. Here’s a sneak peek…

Characters on Kay | Metro Edge

Mice on Main

“Mice on Main” – Greenville, SC.

Inspired by Emerge 2014 & 2015, Characters on Kay is about creating a sense of discovery and whimsy through a uniquely Sacramentan, walkable art experience threading through the heart of downtown.

The concept vision is an assortment of miniature bronze animal characters installed on light posts, walls and sidewalks from Old Sacramento’s waterfront, all along The Kay, to the Convention Center.  Whether you’ve started in the K Street Tunnel, where the first character’s story is told, or you’ve spotted one after having brunch at KBAR, walking along The Kay will be a new experience for locals and tourists alike.

Creative Dialogue | Verge Center for the Arts

Verge logo

What is your bright idea for downtown and the city of Sacramento?

Participate in an artistic, interactive dialogue around creative ideas for downtown’s public spaces. Guests will be invited to use various art materials to visualize their creative concepts, allowing others to respond respond to the idea – improving it, riffing on it or putting their own spin on it.

Mario Kart Projection Installation | Tre Borden


When was the last time you played Mario Kart? With the help of Hacker Lab, guests will be able to play a round of Mario Kart as it’s projected upon on the tunnel wall.

In addition, guests will experience a bright idea in-the-making. PORTAL, a temporary architectural installation debuting in August in front of the Crystal Ice Block complex on R Street, will serve as a flexible space for community members to visualize the future of the region. PORTAL will highlight leaders, organizations and trends in our region while allowing the public to weigh in on their vision for our city and experience a variety of exciting events.

bright_ideas.jpgBRIGHT IDEAS

When: Thursday, July 23, 5pm – 7pm
Where: 200 K Street, Old Sacramento Tunnel
Cost: FREE


Special thanks to JMA, OSBA, Sacramento Kings & City of Sacramento.