5 Places to Beat the Heat in Downtown Sac

Katie Almazan

If there’s one thing that embodies summer it’s ice cream, snow cones and – drum roll please – wine slushies! We’ve hit triple digit temperatures but there’s no reason to let that swelter our spirit. Head downtown to cool off and try one (or all – we’re not judging) of these refreshing delights. While it may not lower outside temps, we can promise you’ll be walking away with a satisfied palate and one heck of a chill vibe.

Vampire Penguin – Shaved snow
907 K Street

Need an icy pick-me-up? Vampire Penguin is here to bring the snow – shaved snow, that is. They’re adding a whole new meaning to shaved ice by offering everything from Cookies and Cream shaved snow with graham crackers and Oreos to Green tea with strawberries and sliced almonds. Their concoctions are out of this world and an absolute must-try during these hot summer days.

Old Sacramento Café – Ice Cream
1026 2nd Street

A beloved summer time classic for a quick cool-down never gets old! Old Sacramento Café has great ice cream options that are sure to brighten your day. Enjoy your frozen treat on the shaded patio or take it to the riverfront! After you’ve cooled down, you can walk the streets and visit the great shops that make Old Sacramento an iconic destination.

Vela Café-Wine Slushies
1000 I Street #100

Our new favorite treat here in downtown is now at Vela Cafe. We seriously cannot get enough! With rotating flavors like strawberry, peach or pineapple, you can enjoy wine with an extra-frosty pizazz. Feel free to combine two flavors and create your own unique combination.

Wholehearted Juice Co.- Pressed Juice
400 Capitol Mall

Trying to stay healthy and cool simultaneously? This juice bar serves raw juice blends that are not only tasty and refreshing, but will give you a boost of energy and the nutrients you need to get through the heat unscathed. A tasty win-win if you ask us.

Annie’s Sno Biz + Rich’s Ice Cream
Concerts in the Park – 9th and J Street

If cooling down with some live music is more up your alley, tonight at Concerts in the Park Annie’s Sno Biz and Rich’s Ice Cream will be onsite to help you simmer down as we head into the weekend.


Featured blog photo credit: Sarah Maren