Downtown Sac, Stay

A Luxury Mini Vacation in Downtown Sacramento

Jordan Alwood

Congratulations! You’ve officially made it halfway through 2022. With that being said – this is a great time to take a break. Kick back, relax, and get the most out of the rest of the summer in #DowntownSac with staying local at these new and improved hotels!

Option 1: Citizen Hotel

The new look and feel of The Citizen Hotel, imagined by award-winning Southern California interior architecture studio Indidesign, seamlessly marries the building’s rich 1920s history with the city’s deep political heritage and the current neighborhood’s sophisticated modern persona. Inspired by the tradition of private members’ clubs, the property is reimagined as the “Place to Be” in Sacramento, where decision-makers and creatives can unite in “The City of Trees”, to relax, share, and build. You can also notice the new architecture making up this lovely space is influenced by the classic look of the California State Capitol.

Option 2: Embassy Suites

The Embassy Suites facing the Old Sacramento Waterfront have a new touch as well. The lobby has been fully renovated with green plants, soft, new couches, and even a full bar. Enjoy the modern touch while you relax and have a drink with your friends. You’ll also notice a great photo opportunity– the marvelous and elegant new paintings. Walk around the lobby and through the hallways to discover some classic oil-based paintings and snap a photo for your Instagram.

Option 3: Residence Inn Marriott

We are huge fans of the modern look that the Residence Inn Marriott has used to design their new lobby. Not only does this hotel have a 360-degree view of an indoor fireplace, but also sculptures and paintings from local Sacramento artists. Take in all the fancy vibes and sit on their new couches underneath the bright new light fixtures.

Feeling relaxed yet?

We definitely are! After reading about these luxurious stays, we think it’s time to log off ourselves and start our own mini vacation. See you there!