A Different Out of Office

Jordan Alwood

We toured The Co-Lab, a new co-working facility in #DowntownSac – follow us in “A Day in the Life” of working from their office!

Click here for the virtual tour if that’s more your vibe.

Wake up the right way

Photo Credit: @Blueprintcoffeeproject

Walk into the Co-Lab and you’re greeted by the only work motivation you need: coffee. Blueprint Coffee provides all the members of Co-Lab a discount and has a variety of coffee, chai, tea, and tons of dairy-free options. The Blueprint Coffee Project is a non-profit that provides funding for relief programs for our city and the surrounding areas, so you can make a difference while you sip and prepare for your next meeting. Even better: not only is everyone working there so wonderful and sweet, but it is great quality coffee and has an environment that makes me feel at home. I say hello to the cheerful barista behind the counter and order an iced oat milk vanilla latte.

Photo Credit: @Blueprintcoffeeproject

Take this cup of joe to go

Photo Credit: @Thecolabsac

I grab my coffee and head upstairs to the Co-Lab office – aka: my new office. I walk in and scope out my seating options – there’s a lot of open seating in the middle and the space is full of plants, clean spaces, and good vibes. I plopped down on a tan sofa with my coffee and got to work. It was quiet and peaceful, and the sun shone through the windows of the building. It was truly so much more than just a space for people to work. It was an environment that made me feel productive, at peace and excited to be there.

Photo Credit: @Blueprintcoffeeproject

 Make the Most Out of Your Space

I‘ve worked in my fair share of offices before, some better than others. But I think what I love the most about this co-working space is that you get the best out of all worlds – you can choose to have a more social environment if you want to keep it light, or you can book one of the private rooms if you need a place to put your head down and get to work.

I hunker down and crank out some items I need to take care of that day (shout out to the fast wifi at Co-Lab), and around noon I head to the kitchen – a full kitchen, fridge, and microwave make it easy to grab the snacks I brought.

More than a co-working space

Another hour and my project is done! Perfect timing too because since it’s Monday, I can pack up my work stuff and prep for the free yoga class they’re hosting for their members.

Post-yoga I pack up the rest of my things and head out – a true Sacramento summer, it’s cooling down and I can hear the crickets start-up in Old Sac.

Blueprint Coffee and The Co-Lab have brought a new sense of fun to work from home. Sometimes a change of scenery is needed and good for the soul. If you’re looking to get more involved with the #DowntownSac community or are looking for a special work from home experience, this location is perfect for you.


Photo Credit: @Blueprintcoffeeprojects