7 Clothing Essentials Every Sacramentan Should Own

Kendall Mar

Living in Sacramento means enduring sweltering summers and chilly winters. Dressing for these temperatures while also attempting to maintain our individual senses of style can be challenging at times. I have found that these seven clothing staples are the fashionable key to surviving in this city.



Why Buy: In all honesty, Birkenstocks can activate an uncool connotation in some people’s minds. However, these practical shoes have been resurrected from their fashion grave over the last few years. Yes, my earliest memories of the footwear are my dad wearing them while mowing the lawn on Saturday mornings, but now these shoes can be found on the pages of fashion magazines and the feet of Sacramento residents of all ages! They are the perfect way to combine comfort and style.

Where to Buy: Birkenstock Midtown



Why Buy: The sun shines brightly on Sacramento year round. Whether you rock aviators or a more obscure pair of circular shades, you’ll be happy to have your sunglasses on those shimmering Sacramento days.

Where to Buy: Cuffs Urban Apparel, Indi Visual Eyes, Sunglass17


Why Buy: Sacramento tends to boast a casual crowd for most occasions. For that reason, jean pants and shorts are a wardrobe necessity. Whether you’re dressing down a happy hour look or cheering on the Kings at a game, you can’t go wrong with denim. Additionally, Sacramento is home to endless second-hand stores where you can score your favorite designer jeans at a fraction of the original price.

Where to Buy: Denim Spot, Freestyle Clothing Exchange, Krazy Mary’s Boutique, Sugar Shack Boutique

Active Wear

Why Buy: Many Sacramentan’s lead active lifestyles. Some are exercise fiends while others squeeze in a half-hour work-out during their lunch break. No matter what your workout regime entails, owning a few pieces of athletic gear is a must. In addition, Sacramento has numerous parks, trails, and gyms that make it convenient to workout!

Where to Buy: Fleet Feet Sports, Total Body Nutrition



Why Buy: Winters in Sacramento can be dreadfully cold. With that, there are also countless days that are nippy rather than glacial. Pile your closet full of flannels, sweaters, and scarves. These cozy layers are your best friend November through February.

Where to Buy: Vintage YSJ, Sugar Shack Boutique, French Cuff Consignment, Macy’s

Shift Dress

Why Buy: Light, elegant, and appropriate for almost any occasion during any season. Having a shift dress in your closet will give you the perfect outfit for dinner at the Firehouse or dancing at the Park Ultra Lounge. You can even dress the look down by pairing it with casual sandals. A suitable male alternative is a comfortable button up that you can pair with anything from jeans to a neck tie.

Where to Buy: Cuffs Urban Apparel, Sugar Shack Boutique, Heart Clothing Boutique



Why Buy: Along with being a HUB for art, dining, and entertainment—the Sacramento grid is also home to countless working professionals. A blazer is the ideal piece to complete a daytime office look or outerwear for the occasional cold Sacramento evenings.

Where to Buy: Vintage YSJ, French Cuff Consignment, Macy’s

Everyone loves an outfit that makes you stand out from time to time, but I’ve recently come to appreciate the basics in my wardrobe for their easy and consistent wearability. If you’re still missing some of these fabulous pieces, I highly recommend you shop local.