5 Ice Cream Spots to Try Downtown

Roxanne Austin

National Ice Cream Day is just around the corner (Sunday, July 15th)! So, we’ve churned up a few cool spots in downtown Sacramento where you can celebrate and satisfy your sweet-tooth, no matter what you’re craving!

Old School in Old Sacramento

Stick to the basics on Sunday with old-fashioned ice cream by-the-scoop and root beer floats at Sam’s Cafe in Old Sacramento. With classic favorites like Mint Chocolate Chip and Cookies ‘N’ Crème, Sam’s will give you all the nostalgic feels of childhood. Added bonus, they serve hotdogs and soft pretzels too!

ReVAMP National Ice Cream Day

Looking for something new? Step up your snow cone and check out Vampire Penguin. Mix up your taste palate with creative flavors and designs like Mexican Candy or Green Tea (pictured). The intricate pairings and aesthetic presentations will have you trading in your bowl for a plate in no time! Don’t worry, if you’re not up to their exotic choices, you can always make your own shaved ice creation.

Decadence of DOCO

Ladies and gentlemen, Haagen-Dazs has officially arrived in the Downtown Commons Plaza… and they brought peppermint bark! Finally, we can indulge in the grocery store favorites without the guilt of buying a whole pint. The best part, they will serve it up in a scoop, cone, milkshake or banana split. Their peppermint bark is a limited time offer so make sure to head over on the 15th and grab some while you can!

No dairy? No problem!

We know, we know, all this ice cream talk has you eyeing the freezer. Can’t wait until Sunday? Give into your cravings a little early and check out Conscious Creamery at Concerts in the Park this Friday, July 13 (at Cesar Chavez Plaza) for some vegan treats. That’s right, sweet gelato sans dairy, eggs, soy and gluten! With a wide variety of flavors, Conscious Creamery serves up plant-based treats made with seasonal produce to ensure you are enjoying fresh flavors.

Late night sweet tooth

Hit the snooze button on National Ice Cream Day and worried you missed your chance? Boxcar Eats has you covered! They’re open ‘till 10 p.m. and let you make your soft-serve exactly how you like it. With over 20 bins of toppings options and an array of sauces to drizzle, your national ice cream night will be just as sweet as the early bird’s. Looking for a dairy free option? Try their Dole soft serve with fruity pebbles on top… Yabba Dabba Doo!

With ice cream, anything is popsicle!