5 best running routes in Downtown Sac

Tiffany James, RunHaven

The best running places in Sacramento are both beautiful and a reminder of the rich history the city has to offer. As fall gets closer and race season approaches, here are a few of my favorite running routes in the city of trees.

The Capitol

A Sacramento staple is running the perimeter of the State Capitol building. As the finishing point for The California International Marathon, Sacramento’s premier marathon, the State Capitol serves as the celebratory point for finishers. The area is mainly filled with runners before work during the weekdays, circling the beautiful gardens which line the paved sidewalk. This is a great location if you are trying to get a few miles in with a beautiful view.

Tower Bridge 2The Tower Bridge

One of my favorite places to run to is the historic Tower Bridge. This bridge connects several popular running trails, from Miller Park to Old Sacramento all the way to Discovery Park. This trail follows the river, a popular area for both bike riders and runners. If you run past the bridge and continue towards Raley Field there are restrooms and a water fountain to refuel.

Through Downtown

Running through downtown Sacramento is best early in the morning before state employees fill the streets during the weekdays. If you begin your run around 5 am you will beat the traffic of pedestrians and cars. You can create your own, beautiful route to connect with other highlights of the city mentioned above.

The American River Bike TrAmerican Riverail

The American River Bike Trail is popular for runners and hosts many local races. Most running groups, such as the CIM Fleet Feet training group, generally meet there on weekends. It is popular for both runners and cyclists. A new rule is being enforced there for runners: no headphones/earphones while running. This is to help create better communication amongst runners, walkers, and cyclists. There are restrooms and water fountains located every few miles.

McKInley ParkMcKinley Park

Located in East Sacramento, McKinley park is one of the most popular running places. The distance around the park can equal one mile. You will find it to be busy during the weekends and it serves as a popular meeting place for running groups, workout classes, and yoga sessions.

Tiffany is a runner with an appetite for miles and pizza. She loves to write about the humor of life, eating and running.She is an ambassador for the Sacramento Running Association and blogger for RunHaven. To check out more of Tiffany’s fitness story, follow her at runningforcarbs.com