4 Steps to Prevent Bike Theft

Jayme Ghisletta

With recent success of the Sacramento Police Department Bait Bike program, there are still steps to take to ensure your bike is safe while you’re cruising the grid.

LOCK IT UP. Regardless of how long you plan on being away from your bike, lock it up every time. This town is small – a quick coffee run can turn into a reunion with old pals or an ex-coworker.

USE A U-LOCK. Give those thieves a challenge. Cable locks are a breeze to cut through, but the U-Lock or a heavy chain will make lifting your bike a challenge. With the U-lock point the keyhole down to make breaking the lock that much harder.

USE A BIKE RACK. Sure, trees and street signs make an easy anchor point but a bike rack is best. Bikes locked to street signs can be hoisted up and over the sign if the person taking it happens to be vertically gifted.

REGISTER & REPORT. Reporting a stolen bike is important. It allows the good folks at Sacramento Police Department to look for trends and perhaps designate another bait bike location. Registering allows a stolen bike to find its way back home to you. It is super simple and takes only minutes to get registered.