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STEM Fatales Improv

STEM Fatales are curiously dangerous comediennes. Our expertise will lure you with facts while we slay you with laughter. READ MORE


McGillicuddy Productions presents an LGBTQ stand-up comedy show featuring the best comics from Sacramento and the Bay Area! Hosted by Graciella … READ MORE

Yes! to Granny

‘Yes! to Granny’ is an art performance by artist Angie Eng that raises public awareness about the urgent state of … READ MORE

Dennis Gaxiola

Dennis Gaxiola is a veteran comedian with numerous television appearances, including Comedy Central’s Laffapalouza and Starz 1st Amendment Stand Up. … READ MORE

Rudy Ortiz

Rudy Ortiz is a comic from San Leandro, CA and really enjoys going on stages and letting a room full … READ MORE

Kalea McNeill

Kalea McNeill is an actor/standup comedian from the bay area. She gained a love for performance at an early age … READ MORE

Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos was thrown into comedy, being brought up in a large family of characters he quickly became a fast talking … READ MORE

Keon Polee

Keon Polee is the missing link to comedy, acting, and writing. Keon Polee is from the Bay area. In 2023, … READ MORE

Kimberly Akimbo

KIMBERLY AKIMBO is the winner of five 2023 Tony Awards including BEST MUSICAL! Kimberly is about to turn 16 and recently … READ MORE