Viewpoint Photographic Art Center: August

In August, Viewpoint Photographic Art Center is proud to present three new photographers to the gallery: Juliet Haas: Marionettes and Other Ghosts of Vision, Jing Lin: Solitary, Michael Kelly-Dewitt: Off Kilter.

Juliet Haas’ Marionettes and Other Ghosts of Vision reflects a vintage noir aesthetic with saturation of color and realism in a modern digital capture. Her imagery is reminiscent of a somber ballet menagerie complete with solo portraits of dancers, mad scientists, doctors, civilians, and Elliot Ness look alikes depicted in abandoned lofts and hallways. Film scenes and gritty cinematic locations fastening with the character portraits hints at what role these souls might have played in this space, the “Ghosts” of this seemingly haunted, former railroad employee hospital, rumored psyche ward, that are now instilled in dismal terrains perpetually. Each character portrayal represents the artist in one instance in each scene, as they tell their own story while encapsulating her feelings of melancholy, isolation and dynamic identity.

Jing Lin’s series Solitary showcases nature in an innocent yet fragile grayscale landscape. Vanishing park paths into darkness, a broken chair left along a shore, unkempt angel statues. Jing created a world wherein the parks are not lively and colorful but lonely and desolate. Her interest in this project grew from the tension between documenting nature landscapes and the fictional stories they tell. Using the gum bichromate process Jing subtracts the realism of the photographs to enhance the narrative of a world that doesn’t exist. Her objective is to evaluate the prominence of being unique individual captive in her own consciousness.

Michael Kelly-Dewitt photographs his subjects in a high resolution digital process complete with portraits, nature, and architecture. His use of the macro lens focuses on the details of architectural anatomy. Labyrinth patterns of the stacked bricks, pattern mosaics of roof tiles, the shining stratified windowed walls of a skyscraper, or the curvaceous rotunda of Capitol Building validating his appreciation of detail.

Kristy Peet photographs Objects Collected from various friends, family and other participants. Kristy takes stunning images of eclectic objects in the space they are hosted in. The images demonstrate common characteristics between the owners and the objects themselves. The relationship between environment and object formulate an impression of the person who owns the object. For example, do artists choose aesthetically interesting objects? Do older people choose something sentimental ? Do introverts have more colorful walls? The objects serve as a totem or punctum of the owner’s life.