ARTHOUSE on R Presents Subconscious Sanctuary – Featuring Artists Angela Caldwell and Laurelin Gilmore.

The show deals with the artists’ respective views of flowering thought and overflowing consciousness.

Laurelin Gilmore is a painter, writer, and mixed-media artist best known for her fantasy oil paintings that blend the human form with floral and faunal attributes. The artist uses realism and symbolism to advance the idea that humans are inseparable from their environment. Lately she has expanded her practice to include sculpture and murals. She's been featured in a number of local publications, maintains a working studio at Verge Center for the Arts, and is represented by Artize Gallery in Palm Springs. In addition, Laurelin is co-owner of Amatoria Fine Arts Bookstore in Sacramento.

Angela (Tannehill) Caldwell is an artist, illustrator, and designer living in Elk Grove, California. In 1992, she received a BFA from Kent State University, but it wasn’t until 2014 that her passion for art took hold. Personal struggles fueled a need to lose herself in creating other worlds inspired by nature, color, and texture. She began with collage and, since then, has explored many mediums such as acrylic paint, clay and felted sculptures, miniatures, and, most recently, digital art and illustration. In 2017, she created the large-scale collage After Us (8’ W x 4’ H) for ArtStreet Sacramento—a particular highlight in her career. Caldwell continues to explore new ways to express her need to create.

In addition to the Gallery Show, ARTHOUSE resident artists will open their studios to the public for 2nd Saturday.