Peter Petty’s Hepcats Holla’daze! Swingin’ Yuletide Revue

Peter Petty's Hepcats Holla'Daze! Swingin' Yuletide Revue Hepcat’s Holla'Daze! (now in its 7th year) is back, starring Sacramento's own Man wit' da Flop, Peter Petty, backed by his unparalleled 11-piece Mercenaries of Merriment! jazz orchestra in this scintillating, syncopating, live “Christmas Special with a dance floor.” It's a uniquely entertaining, truly one-of-a-kind event that, for many, has become a Sacramento holiday tradition.( In fact, this show sold out last year more than a full week before the show, so early ticket purchase is highly recommended.)

Incorporating elements from the Harlem Renaissance, classic and neo-Burlesque artistry, and joyous holiday celebrations, Hepcat's Holla’Daze! provides an opportunity to call the babysitter, dress to the nines, and be transported to the cosmopolitan sophistication of those halcyon floor-shows of the height of the Swing Era. Mr. Petty’s award-winning showmanship, operatically trained 3 2/3 octave vocal range, singularly swinging orchestra, and favorite regional guest stars are sure to make this event a stocking stuffer to remember all the way through the new year. And it ain't just perfunctory performances of the usual Christmas songs you’re sick of hearing by the day after Thanksgiving, either! No, Hepcat's Holla'Day! features unique holiday classics originally recorded by such diverse artists as Lionel Hampton, Louis Armstrong, Louie Prima, Ray Charles, James Brown, Bing Crosby, and even the Pogues and David Bowie, to name just a few. And, the Sofia has a full bar, so you can order up a few peterpettytinis, and really “enjoy” the show!

Guest stars this year include soul singer Dana Moret; operatic baritone Omari Tao; vivacious burlesque-inspired songstress Coco Lamarr; Bakersfield Sound emulating Alternative Country Western Chart topping Geoff Miller, and plenty of other surprises! They're all coming over to see what da Man wit' da Flop is doin' for the Holla'Daze, and you should too!

Due to adult themes throughout the program, you'll probably be glad you left the kiddies at home for this one. This show is a little something for Mommy and Daddy.