Light.wav 2023

Light.wav Pop Up
1530 J St
Sacramento, CA 95814

Welcome back to the Light.wav, 2023 — Pop-Up Series! This is for the weekly Friday art exhibit nights, art exhibit with Light.wav sound scape (no performances). They may update/change and enhance the exhibit over the course of the six weeks.

All proceeds go to supporting artists and show expenses.

Featured artists and installations:
-Alex Trujillo
-Raphael Delgado
-A.M. Architect
-Christina Marie
-Melissa Uroff
-Mary Sand
-Charlie's Web
-And more

Light.wav is an digital media art exhibit fusing art and technology through light, space and sound. They transform an empty space into what can be described as a “modern-day dreamscape” where attendees will find themselves immersed in a sensory experience.

Light.wav is a platform for multidisciplinary artists to explore, implement and exhibit digital inspired art installations. Mediums such as projections, live audio/visual performances, original experimental music, mixed media, sculpture, lighting and interactive installations are some of the exhibits, attendees could expect.