Jazz Fusion with Sour Diesel Jams

Join us the 4th Friday of every month for jazz fusion with Sour Diesel Jams!

Sour Diesel Jams formed in 2019, the band fuses the improvisational language of Jazz with aspects of Funk, Rock, Afro-Cuban, and Latin as well as incorporating rhythms and harmonies found around the world. We believe music is a universal language full of local dialects and nuances and has the power to bridge any divide. Our sets are action-packed and include a wide range of dynamic originals and fusion favorites that will entertain audiences from indoor cafes to outdoor music festivals. We aim to create an emotional and toe-tapping experience for our listeners and we’re not afraid to take musical risks and love incorporating our own unique styles and expressions into our performances.

Sour Diesel Jams formed in 2019 when founding members Michael Otwell, Ron Ochoa, and Ken Berger gathered to chart a new musical direction.  Michael and Ken had recently released a recording under the name Jazz Artistry, but that sound was more traditional jazz and the musicians wanted to reframe things with a broader and more electric palate.  Ron brought into the mix a poly-rhythmic Latin and world beat infused approach that unlocked the creative door they were looking for.  The band began writing and recording, completing their lineup with bassist James Foster and releasing the self-titled CD “Sour Diesel Jams'' in 2022.

Jazz is an American tradition passed down from one generation to the next. These traditions have transformed over the years from early ragtime and swing to bebop to post-bop, big band, hard bop, cool jazz, Latin jazz, jazz-funk, and fusion.  To be able to share our jazz heritage with a world eager to learn more about it is a delight.