Improv Wednesdays features three improv teams creating comedy scenes, off the top of their heads, inspired by cast members’ true stories from their past. These hilarious and smart performances start with a single suggestion from you, the audience!

You will see new comedians, some seasoned veterans, and everything in between. All of the performers have taken the Comedy Spot’s core classes (Improv 101-301), auditioned, and now have an opportunity to continue their training through regular rehearsals and performances.

Each team performs a long-form (scene-based) improv structure (form) named the Helix. Helix performers create high-paced, high-energy, two-person scenes inspired by the unusual parts of cast members’ true stories. Characters, themes, and stories continually spiral in and out of the show until they reach a climactic ending. The Helix is an original improv form developed by Sacramento Comedy Spot.

Improv Wednesday Performers:
Adam Cranfill, Amy Nelson, Andrew Sarchet, Ava Abuchaei, Carissa Edwards, Chandra Howard, Cierra Ramirez, Courtney Bellmer, Hawley Allen, Jake Forrester, Janay Lovering, Jinbae Jung, Joe Matthews, Kevin Hayer, Krystle Plant, Kyle Bower, Kyle Buis, Lacey Carroll, Lauren Vigliotti, Matt Keo, Matt Taylor, Matthew Walker, Michael Frigm, Mickey McKim, Miriam Ellis, Nate Breshears, Nathan Little, Noreen Mansuri, Patrick Blanson, Sethu Chidambaram, Steven Boyd, and Troy Maloney