Improv Fun-damentals Workshop Series

This four-night class will guide students through the fundamentals of performing improvisational theatre. Dive into the core tenets of improv that turn any suggestion into inspired scenes! Whether you have never tried improv, are an experienced improviser looking to strengthen your skills or you’re looking to put the fun back into your improv, Improv fun-damentals is for you! Explore spontaneity, confidence, and awareness in a fun and supportive environment.

Our approach to improv focuses on the various personal skills that improv develops: teamwork and collaboration, listening, reacting and adapting in real time, leadership, public speaking, being in the moment, supporting the ideas of others without judgement, and much more. Improv training is more than just how to behave on stage, many of the tips that make us better improvisers, can make us better offstage too!