How to Read a Poem: A 6-Week Poetry Class

East Village Bookshop
3604 McKinley Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95816

Our region is rich with literary talent, and East Village Bookshop intend to bring you all into the fold. They will be hosting “How to Read a Poem: A 6-Week Poetry Appreciation Class” every Monday night (except 10/18), taught by K.M. English, MFA/local poet, who just published a poetry collection earlier this year, Wave Says (Kore Press, April 2021).

This class is for you if:
-You like poetry and want a deeper understanding of how poems work
-You’re curious about poetry but feel intimidated by it
-You liked to read and write poetry in school, but haven’t since
-You’d like exposure to some diverse & vital voices in contemporary US poetry

Activities include:
-Read and discuss a variety of poems
-Learn some basic prosody terms
-Develop our understanding of what poetry is & what it can do
-Enjoy the pleasures of reading & enjoying poetry in company

K.M. English is the author of Wave Says (Kore Press). She holds an MFA in Poetry from Brooklyn College and has years of experience teaching literature and creative writing in universities and schools. KME publishes widely in national literary magazines and is the recipient of numerous fellowships and awards for her work.