Tim's Vermeer (2013) – Teller
Run time: 1 hr 20 minutes

Introduced by local photographer and artist Muzi Li Rowe, Tim’s Vermeer tells the story of Texas-based inventor Tim Jenison and his epic pursuit of an answer to how Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer was able to achieve his characteristic photographic realism 150 years before the invention of the camera. In this extraordinary tale of inquisitiveness, Jenison’s research and experiments take to him to Holland, the royalty of Buckingham Palace, and even the North coast of Yorkshire — and the home of renowned British painter David Hockney — as he attempts to satisfy his all-consuming curiosity.

To expand upon Modern Women | Modern Vision: Photography from the Bank of America Collection, the Crocker presents Frame by Frame, a film series that highlights the impact of film on the practice of female photographers. Former photojournalist for the Sacramento Bee and documentarian Autumn Payne; photographer, filmmaker, and California State University, Sacramento professor Kathryn Kasic; and artist Muzi Li Rowe will each present a film that has shaped their artistic vision in a meaningful way.