Cooking Demonstration: Indian Classics

Join Shankari as she shows you how to make butter chicken (Murgh Makhani), one of the most popular curries in the world. The chicken is incredibly tender and infused with flavor from a yogurt marinade. Round off this meal with cumin rice for an amazing weeknight dinner!

This class has a gluten free menu.

About the Instructor: Shankari Arcot was born and raised in India. She has fond memories of her mother making all of their food from scratch and when Shankari moved to the states, she continued to have a deep love for her mom’s cooking and became passionate about learning how to make the dishes she grew up eating so she could share them with friends and family. Shankari’s proudest moment was winning the Iron Chef competition at the California State Fair. For the past fifteen years, Shankari has been teaching classes in our learning center, as well as giving guest lectures to the culinary students at The American River College and teaching global cooking to homeschooling families.

About Cooking Demonstration Classes:
All classes are currently demonstration-style classes. Students ask questions, watch the chef demonstrate essential techniques, learn about ingredients and sample each dish. Students receive copies of the recipes in all cooking classes. A sample of each menu item will be served. Water will be provided to all students during the class.