California Perspectives

ARTHOUSE on R Gallery & Studios
1021 R Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

Artist Elaine Bowers paints aerial landscape views in watercolor and takes flight in small planes to get her reference photos. In this show, she features both aerial and traditional landscape views of the Delta and North Valley. Some are jewels of the delta, as seen from the river banks and levees. Others are treasures only seen during a short period when the Almond orchards are in full bloom. One is of the California foothills on a cloudy day as viewed out the window of the train. Another is from an outing when she traversed a muddy irrigation ditch to find herself enveloped in sunflowers.  Still others are the beautiful stages of the rice fields as they transform from reflecting pools of the cloudy sky to velvety green fabric to earthy geometric patterns after the harvest.

The Delta and North Valley has a biodiversity that is varied and vulnerable. It’s home to three endangered fish species, a flyway for migratory birds, and farmland for fruits, grains, nuts and vegetables. In painting the California landscape Elaine has found a treasure chest of wonders and beauty as viewed from any perspective.