A Perceived Sense of Silence

Axis Gallery
625 S St.
Sacramento, CA 95811

Silence is defined as a complete absence of sound and there are few places or situations that allow us to understand what that truly is. People see places as silent and serene, often missing the tone that makes up the world. The subtleties that are overlooked, the everyday that is often ignored, but when you sit and listen to the silence, what do you hear? A Perceived Sense of Silence asks you to travel with the artist to various places and listen. It is a challenge to your perception of the intensity of sound and the true power of silence.

A departure from her previous work, Kenna Doeringer is incorporating her past experiences as a sound recordist and editor in an audio installation at Axis Gallery. A Perceived Sense of Silence is a passion project that has allowed her to explore and share with you what a silent world sounds like and how loud our lives really are.