Old Sacramento

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The 28 acres of Old Sacramento on the  historic waterfront were the site of both tragedy — fire and flood — and triumph — the raising of the streets, the founding of the Transcontinental Railroad, the terminus of the Pony Express, and the home of California’s first thriving business district, fueled by gold, agriculture, and the river.

Due to past and current efforts by the State of California, private and public museums, individuals, business, the City and County of Sacramento, the Historic Old Sacramento Foundations, scores of volunteers, and many others, Old Sacramento lives on as thriving shopping and entertainment district as well as a global tourist destination.

Old Sacramento is a historic eight-block section of Downtown. Each of the over 100 businesses are independently operated with separate hours of operation. Generally shops open around 10 a.m. and are open until the early evenings. Most restaurants are open for lunch and dinner, and many for after hours entertainment. Check individual businesses for details.

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