Esquire IMAX Theatre


Treat your senses to the most powerful and involving movie experience yet created. The historic and landmark Esquire IMAX Theatre has been engaging, educating and entertaining guests in Sacramento for over 10 years. Located on K Street in downtown Sacramento, the large screen theatre creates a immersible experience enjoyed by all audiences.

IMAX partners with visionary content creators.  Together they transport you to new worlds that captivate the imagination and make you wonder, “How do they do that?” IMAX makes you feel the full emotional impact of the visionary creators’ dream. Through these partnerships IMAX creates powerful experiences — by enhancing every image, sound and dimension.  IMAX gives a story its ultimate expression. Whether its a hot new Hollywood blockbuster, or a special made for IMAX film, the larger than life screen makes film come alive in ways that your average movie theater just can’t compare.

Free Parking at the Capitol Lot on L and 10th Street.
Weekdays after 5:00 pm and all weekend with validation sticker.
Please present parking ticket at the Esquire IMAX Box Office.
Not valid for $5 pre-pay special events.

PLEASE NOTE: Don’t forget bring your parking tag to the theare for a stamp.

Standard IMAX Parking Validation (lots are 1 block from theatre)
Validation is good for 50% off the 1st 1.5 hours of parking at:
Esquire Lot on 13th between J and K streets
Lot E on 13th between I and J streets
Parking Costs: Both lots charge $1.75 per half hour

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