de Vere’s Irish Pub

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The de Vere’s are an Irish family from Dublin that immigrated to the United States. They started on the East Coast and worked their way west, and eventually decided to make Sacramento their official home away from home in 1984.

They worked tirelessly to create de Vere’s Irish Pub—a place where friends, families, and co-workers could come enjoy farm-to-table food, watch American and European sports, weekend brunch, and try more whiskeys than most knew existed The de Vere’s are a family of publicans, so they know what it takes to create an authentic experience. They went back to Ireland to have all the pub fixtures and furniture designed and built. (It’s true—everything was shipped in pieces across the Atlantic and then reassembled here!) They also filled their walls with family paintings, pictures, and antiques. You can feel the heart of Ireland beating in every nook and cranny.

Ultimately, de Vere’s Irish Pub is about experiencing all that Ireland has to offer, right here in Sacramento. The de Vere’s pride themselves in the pub’s inventive food, friendly service, and of course, our 20-ounce pints of Guinness. Stop by to taste the soul of Ireland, poured to perfection and curved to fit the palm your hand.

Mouthwatering meals, beautiful woodwork, friendly banter (and bartenders!), live sports, and a family-friendly setting—you’ll find it all at de Vere’s Irish Pub. So whether you’re coming in to grab a bite, meet for business, or socialize with friends, you’ll be sure to enjoy the best craic* in Sacramento!

 *What is craic? It’s Irish. Find out.

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